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Nowzar Hedayati

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Type of Project:

Office, Educational.

Leading Topic:

Designing the new Lab and Technology Center for the University of Applied Sciences in Giessen.

Site Description:

The site is located in old Campus of the University.

Project Description:

The entire project includes new structures for office building, an application centre for medical engineering and laboratory buildings for the different areas of studies, with underground Parking Spaces. Our task was to design the office building area.
The different building has three floors for the offices. The main facade of building is oriented to the south which makes the two of its gables facing east and west. The building incorporates sustainable technology by using Photo-Voltaic Solar panel on the roof and a green area on the roof of the
corridors/bridges that connect the building to the neighbouring ones, in order to store and reuse the rain water for non-drinking activities.

Redevelopment of Lab & Technology Center University of Applied Science

Giessen - Germany



3D Renders

3D Renders

Cross-Section A-A

Cross-Section A-A

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