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Kayaking in Copenhagen

One of the best things about living in Copenhagen is the abundance of possible physical activities that you can participate in. Cycling, running, hiking, swimming and kayaking within the city or its surroundings.

For a while I wanted to try out kayaking in the canals of Copenhagen, finally this summer I decided to go for it.

Since I was playing soccer as a kid I have never found any other sport interesting until I tried out kayaking. It was very difficult to balance in the beginning, especially when people on speed boats and large ships pass you by. But, after a while you get the hang of it and you start enjoying the sport. Then, it becomes very soothing and extremely relaxing for your mind and body.

If you are an architect living in a city that is surrounded by canals and water, I strongly suggest you to try out kayaking. This gives you a whole new outlook to the city and you see the surroundings in a new view, and as an architect it is always good to have a new perspective and to watch the movement of people, cars, bicycles and boats from a new standpoint, in this case the see level.

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