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Located in Havnegade in the center of Copenhagen, Havnepromenaden was designed by BOGL Architects in 2012.

With an area of 3600 m², Havnepromenaden has provided a new recreational area for the citizens as well as tourists, right in the center of the City of Copenhagen. Havnepromenaden is situated only 2-3 mins walking distance of the hustle and bustle of the beautiful Nyhavn district packed with tourists, yet it provides a relaxing, spot for all.

Urban planners in the city of Copenhagen are eager to redesign the city for the people rather than cars. More and more spaces are being given to bicycles and pedestrians. This is also true in the case of Havnepromenaden, where a Havnegade became a one-way street and the extra space went to the new development.

BOGL’s designed incorporated a space that is used by everyone. A place where citizens can enjoy sunbathing, going for a swim in the harbor, reading a book on a bench and watching boats, kayaks and taxi buses pass by. A place for kids to enjoy the playgrounds and for cyclists to zip through the city center, while appreciating the view and the breeze from the Copenhagen harbor.

Havnepromenaden’s amazing design allows everyone to enjoy all these activities in the dead center of the city while providing a nice, quiet, tranquil space for Copenhageners and the tourists.

This project is another great example by the city of Copenhagen and BOGL architects, where they prove that the city center can be relaxing rather than chaotic.

One can achieve this goal by creating a city for the people rather than vehicles. In other words, we should design a city in “Human Scale”. This was the idea and theory by urban activist and author Jane Jacobs, or the famous Danish urban designer Jan Gehl. City authorities should design communities that are useful to humans not cars. They should provide public spaces rather than carparks, and BOGL has achieved this perfectly in Havnepromenaden project.

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