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Folehaven Bridge

In 2017 when I joined COWI, I was assigned to work on a project called Folehaven cykel og gangbro.

The bridge is a bicycle and pedestrian bridge over Holbæk motorway, where 50,000 cars pass daily. It is located west of Valby district in Copenhagen.

Folehaven bridge’s unique design is done by Dissing+Weitling Architects in Copenhagen, it is engineered by COWI and the landscape was done by Kragh & Berglund.

It is part of Copenhagen’s master plan to create a comfortable and easy-going bicycle access throughout the city. It also brings better mobility and desirability to an area which needs it the most. The bridge is 137 meters long and its span is 46 meters. It is expecting 4,000 cyclists per day, and it was opened to the public on 24th of April 2020.

On 3rd of May, I finally got the chance to go and visit it. Its striking design and layout makes it very distinctive and attractive. According to the design firm Folehaven Bridge’s unique shape, makes it a west gate of Copenhagen. In addition to that, its light floating design makes it a landmark and it will perhaps attract future investments to the area and the community, and I am very proud to play a small role in creation of this beautiful bridge.

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