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Copenhagen's New Ring

On 29th of September 2019, the city of Copenhagen received a ring in a form of a new Metro line. After more than 7 years of construction Copenhagen's 3rd Metro line (M3) opened to the public.

M3 line's length is about 15.5km and it has 17 stations, 2 of which are changing stations. It takes 24 minutes for a commuter to make a full circle on the M3, and it connects many areas and districts within the Central Copenhagen.

Just like the previous 2 lines in Copenhagen Metro, M3 is also operated by driverless trains and since its operation it has proven to be a great form of transport for commuters and tourists.

But perhaps, one of the great aspects in the design of Copenhagen's circle line is its stations. Out of 17 stations located along the M3 line, 7 of them have public spaces and public plazas that will contribute to the city's urban comfort, by creating new space for social gatherings, recreational activities, as well as meeting points. These station are Gl. Strand, Engehave Plads, Marmorkirken, Rådhuspladsen, Frederiksberg Allé, Skjold Plads and Nuuk Plads.

With this design; M3 and the metro infrastructure will contribute to the city in more than one way. Copenhagen’s M3 have provided great comfort to the city’s commuters and citizens both in terms of public transportation and it has offered them with new urban areas and public social gathering spaces.

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