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Commuting to Work

It has been nearly 2 years since I began cycling to work every day. So, I decided to write a short piece about my experience.

Before that I used to commute to work using trains and buses. I always found it soothing to use public transportation. I could relax, catch-up with the news or read a book. But, now I live only 3km from my work, so I decided to use this opportunity as a Copenhagener to cycle to work.

Even though I started in the springtime when the weather was good; it was a little difficult in the beginning. I could no longer sit and enjoy the ride while reading an article instead, I had to concentrate on the road and the traffic. but after a while not only I got used to the routine, but I even started enjoying my new form of daily transportation, even during the harsh, windy Danish winters.

After a while I found cycling to be much faster and more convenient. I no longer had to commute to work based on the bus schedules, but rather on my own timetable. I didn't need to wait in the bus stations hoping that the bus is going to be on time, I could just pick up my bicycle and start my day.

When I cycle to work, I found myself more energized and fresher in the morning. The blood flow helps me to start my day easier and healthier.

Copenhagen has one of the best and most extensive bicycle infrastructures in the world (if not the best). So, I admit that it is much easier and safer to get around using a bicycle in Copenhagen than many other cities in the world. But every city should invest more on bicycles. By creating more bicycle paths, safer atmosphere for cyclists, better access for bikes and pedestrians (such as pedestrian and bicycle bridges), the city will be investing in many different fields for its future. They are creating healthier citizens, less air and noise pollution, better environment and a more human-scaled urban setting for their citizens.

Bicycles used to be a form of transportation in the past, but they were pushed aside by cars. We have seen the negative effects of the increase in vehicular transportation on our health and urban environment. Luckily more cities are investing in extending their public transportation system and bicycle infrastructure, so hopefully, bicycles can become one of the main forms of transportation in the future and we can create a better and healthier living environment for our children and next generations.

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